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Can non-majors take architecture and art studios?

Non-AAP students who wish to take architecture or art studios can do so, however, there may be studio space limitations. Students who are very interested in taking AAP studios can consider officially declaring a minor in art or architecture.

What is the architecture studio experience like?

Design studios at each level immerse students in design culture, helping them develop the skills and intellectual tools to solve problems. Students learn to communicate ideas through models and graphics. Our studios encourage exploration, iteration, and collaboration. Our students learn from their peers, as well a…

Do Cornell AAP students have the opportunity to participate in research?

Yes! Our students conduct research individually and some work with faculty across the university. A current BFA student is passionate about politics and researches our current political climate to make artwork that can impact those who view it. A current urban and regional studies student has research interests in…

Do all architectural students have an opportunity to do a semester in both Rome and in NYC if they want to? Are they able to take part in other abroad programs offered through Cornell?

Yes! All incoming Architecture (B.Arch.) students will spend one semester in Rome and one in New York City during the 4th year of their program. Students will be assigned these semesters when they come to AAP. It is difficult for B.Arch. students to study off-campus anywhere besides Cornell in Rome and AAP in NYC,…

What careers do BFA students often pursue after graduation?

It depends on what the student's ultimate goals are. Some BFA students choose to do a master’s degree in the arts, in psychology, law school, etc. Some students have gone into positions like Executive Director for Art Community Engagement or Marketing Manager at Gensler. We have other students who have gone into bran…

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