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How do I apply for financial aid?
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Applying for Financial Aid

Please use the links below to review answers based on your area of study at Cornell University.

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Professional Students (Johnson School, Law School, or Veterinary Medicine)



Cornell offers need-based financial aid to undergraduate students who are U.S. citizens, permanent residents, undocumented students with DACA status, long-term undocumented students without DACA status, and long-term green card applicants that have not achieved legal Permanent Resident status. Additionally, we offer a very limited amount of need-based aid for international students and undocumented students without DACA status. Students who qualify are offered a specific aid package designed to fully meet their need with a combination of grants, loans, and employment opportunities. Learn more on our financial aid initiatives website

Information about applying for undergraduate financial aid can be found on our Apply for Aid website. Your financial aid To Do List can be accessed on our Check Application Status website. "Initiated" means that we are missing the item. Items will disappear from your To Do List when they are complete.


Here are four videos that highlight different aspects of the financial aid application process.


Financial Aid Application Process describes Cornell's financial aid program.

Financial Aid Application Process Video


The CSS Profile discusses the College Board's online aid application called the CSS Profile.


File your FAFSA discusses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the online application for federal financial aid.

File Your FAFSA


IDOC reviews the College Board's document imaging service that Cornell utilizes to collect and process supplemental materials required as part of the financial aid application process.

College Board IDOC



Consideration for graduate student fellowships or assistantships is processed with the student's admission application. Students need to select the box on their admissions application indicating that they want to be considered for available fellowships or assistantships. Students are notified in their acceptance letter the amount of aid, if any. There is not a separate financial aid application process outside of the admission application.


Graduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents can apply for federal graduate student loans at any time throughout the academic year. More information can be found on the financial aid website for graduate students.


Professional Students

Please refer to your specific school’s financial aid office:

Johnson School of Management Financial Aid

Law School Financial Aid

College of Veterinary Medicine Financial Aid

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