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folder-icon How do I put my name on the mailing list? folder-icon When will the application be available? folder-icon When is the application deadline? folder-icon What is Cornell looking for? folder-icon How do I submit transcripts, recommendations, documents, and reports? folder-icon How can I add supplemental information to my application file? folder-icon What is the application fee? folder-icon Can the application fee be waived? folder-icon How do I apply? folder-icon Does Cornell require letters of recommendation? folder-icon Does Cornell have early decision? folder-icon Do I have to declare a major to apply? folder-icon Does Cornell require personal interviews? folder-icon What high school courses are required? folder-icon How can I contact admissions? folder-icon Does Cornell require a personal statement? folder-icon How and when will I receive my decision? folder-icon Does Cornell have a waitlist? folder-icon Can I enroll at Cornell for a second bachelor’s degree? folder-icon How do I appeal an admissions decision? folder-icon What is the status of my application for admission? folder-icon Does Cornell have a foreign language requirement for applicants? folder-icon Can I apply to Cornell using the Coalition Application? folder-icon How does Cornell handle dual enrollment, and do I need to submit a college transcript? folder-icon Does Cornell give preference to applicants who have demonstrated their interest by calling, emailing, or visiting the university? folder-icon Is there an English language requirement? folder-icon How do I re-apply? folder-icon Does Cornell grant deferrals? folder-icon Do applicants who are direct descendants of Cornell University graduates have a better chance of admission? folder-icon How can I submit musical recordings to supplement my application? folder-icon Will my application be considered differently depending on whether I attend a public or a private high school? folder-icon How do I correct an error on my application? folder-icon Does Cornell offer early admission? folder-icon Do I submit copies of my documents or originals? folder-icon Does Cornell accept a paper application? folder-icon I left high school early and enrolled in an early college program. Will Cornell take those credits? folder-icon How do I apply as a graduate student? folder-icon I am interested in the Applied Economics and Management major. Should I apply to the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business or the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences? folder-icon Are first quarter grades required for early decision applicants to Cornell University? folder-icon How should I answer the question about the highest math class I will have completed by high school graduation? folder-icon Is it okay to discuss my race or ethnicity in my application for admission? folder-icon Can prospective students use generative AI to help with their application to Cornell?
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