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How do I accept or decline a loan?
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Accepting or Declining a Loan


The student may have been awarded a loan as part of meeting his or her financial need, or the student may have requested a loan via the FAFSA and loan request form. Subsidized loan eligibility is based on federal financial need. To accept a loan, the first time borrower's must sign an electronic Master Promissory Note online. Note that some loans also require Entrance Counseling.


Students need to actively accept, reduce, or decline award offers for all federal student loans, and university loans through Student Center. For instructions on how to accept your awards, please review our acceptance tutorial. Student loans will not credit to the Bursar statement until they are accepted and all standard Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Notes are complete.


For undergraduate and graduate loans, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment.


For professional schools, use the links below:

Johnson School of Management Financial Aid

Law School Financial Aid

College of Veterinary Medicine Financial Aid

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