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folder-icon Can financial aid assist with childcare expenses for my child? folder-icon Can I take time off from school? folder-icon Does Cornell offer aid for undocumented students? folder-icon Does Cornell offer any scholarships? folder-icon Does Cornell offer financial aid to international students? folder-icon Do I have to verify funds? folder-icon Do you have financial aid video tutorials? folder-icon Do you offer financial aid to study abroad? folder-icon How and when will I receive my financial aid? folder-icon How can I appeal my financial aid decision? folder-icon How can I contact the Financial Aid Office? folder-icon How can I estimate how much aid I am eligible for? folder-icon How does financial aid change if I don't sign up for a meal plan? folder-icon How does financial aid change when I live off campus? folder-icon How does my financial aid change if I become a resident advisor? folder-icon How do I accept or decline a loan? folder-icon How do I apply for financial aid? folder-icon How do I apply for TAP? folder-icon How do I become an independent student? folder-icon How do I check the status of my financial aid application? folder-icon How do I contact the Financial Aid Office? folder-icon How do I file my FAFSA? folder-icon How do I get money for books? folder-icon How do I obtain my IRS Tax Return Transcript? folder-icon How do I read my financial aid award letter? folder-icon How do I submit materials for financial aid? folder-icon How do outside scholarships affect my aid package? folder-icon How is financial need determined? folder-icon How is the student contribution calculated? folder-icon How much are housing and dining plans? folder-icon How much is tuition? folder-icon How much loan am I eligible for? folder-icon How much will my books cost? folder-icon May I use Veteran Education Benefits? folder-icon What can I do if I don’t earn all of my student contribution? folder-icon What do you use the FAFSA for? folder-icon What is a budget increase? folder-icon What is an FSA ID? folder-icon What is a non-custodial parent waiver folder-icon What is federal verification? folder-icon What is IDOC? folder-icon What is the CSS Profile? folder-icon What is the HESC code for Cornell? folder-icon What is the New York State Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Incentive Program? folder-icon What loans are available? folder-icon What scholarships are available? folder-icon What types of financial aid are available? folder-icon When is the financial aid deadline? folder-icon Where do I send a scholarship check? folder-icon Who is a parent for financial aid purposes?
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