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Can I use the SUNY application to apply to the College of Human Ecology?

No, we do not accept the SUNY application. Students must apply using the Common App , including the Cornell supplement and the Human Ecology interest essay. Please visit the  Undergraduate Admissions  website for more information.

Is it okay to discuss my race or ethnicity in my application for admission?

We realize that following the recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, you may feel uncertain about whether you can or should discuss your race or ethnicity in your application. In fact, you may be getting advice or coaching about whether to include this information. The short answer is yes, you can talk ab…

Does Cornell accept a paper application?

Cornell uses the  Common Application , which can be completed and submitted online. In extenuating circumstances, applicants who are unable to submit their application online may send a paper copy of the mailing address listed on the  Contact Us  page.

How do I apply as a graduate student?

Please contact the Graduate School (607.255.5820 or [email protected] ) for information about applying for admission to Cornell’s graduate programs.

When will the application be available?

Cornell uses the  Common Application (CA) , which can be completed and submitted online beginning on August 1 each year.  We encourage applicants to review the  How to Apply  website as they prepare to apply to Cornell.

How do I apply?

First-year and transfer students can apply via the  Common Application , which can be completed and submitted online. Cornell also requires a Writing Supplement.  The Cornell undergraduate college or school a student applies to may have additional requirements, such as a portfolio or a design submission. Before get…

Can I apply to Cornell using the Coalition Application?

Cornell University does not accept the Coalition Application. Prospective students may use the  Common Application  to apply for admission.

How do I correct an error on my application?

If a student detects an error in their application after it has been submitted, they can write a brief statement explaining the error and providing the corrected information. Applicants can then upload this statement via the Supplemental Materials section of their online application status page . The statement will …

What is Cornell looking for?

There’s no magical formula of grade-point average and standardized test scores that guarantees admission into Cornell. Cornell’s admissions committees review each student's academic transcript, and are interested in the strength of their curriculum and test scores, but there is so much more that is evaluated. What…

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